FY 101

FY101 is a unique, seminar-style course that provides the opportunity to explore issues relevant to new students at Boston University.

You will meet with a small community of peers who will serve as conversation partners as together you learn how to leverage BU’s resources to create a more successful and meaningful college experience. Through discussions, assignments, class field trips and program-wide activities, you will investigate the social, academic and cultural dimensions of student life at Boston University, while making deep connections with your fellow peers, an upperclassman mentor, and a staff or faculty member at BU.  

FY101 is 1-credit, Pass/Fail, and does not count toward graduation requirements.  Approximately 35 sections of the course will be open to first-year students in Fall 2014. There is also a special section of the course reserved for transfer students.

Course Themes

  • BU History & Traditions
  • Identity
  • Student Health, Wellness & Safety
  • Academic Pathways & Success
  • Community Contributions

Benefits of FY101

  • As soon as the first week of classes, you will become integrated into a welcoming and engaging community that will start with your Instructor, Peer Mentor, and fellow classmates.
  • You will have the opportunity to make deep connections with peers thanks to the small class sizes (no more than 17 students per class).
  • You will get to know the people and resources at BU that will help you succeed personally, academically, and socially.
  • You will be given time to reflect on your transition to college, and grow as a scholar and individual.
  • You will get exclusive opportunities to explore Boston on evenings and weekends with other FY101 students and Peer Mentors. Some of the events planned for Fall 2014 are:

Prudential Skywalk – Fenway Park Tour – Trip to historic Salem, MA – Community Service at Cradles to Crayons –Boston Walking Tour – Museum of Fine Arts – Duck Tour – Ice Skating on Frog Pond