Overcoming “fear of forms.”

Jessica’s Story


Boston University’s neuroscience programs were everything Jessica wanted. So, when it came to applying for admission, she was enthusiastic and diligent. But the financial aid application process was a different story. Jessica felt nervous about filling out the complicated financial forms. Besides, information was required from both parents, and Jessica’s mother, divorced years ago, no longer knew where to reach her father. But once Jessica and her mother explored the BU financial aid website, they learned how to address their special circumstances in the application. They also found that a step-by-step approach made the whole process easier than it seemed at first.

Jessica’s Application Data


Class Rank Grades Curriculum SAT
top 10% 3.7Average GPA Very CompetitiveVery Competitive 2010Composite


Financial Aid Decision

Jessica and her mother found their efforts paid off. Jessica’s award package, along with a part-time job located through the Student Employment Office, made BU affordable.