Judicial Affairs

Judicial Affairs is the primary administrator of the Code of Student Responsibilities. The Code is a body of principles consisting of the University’s expectations of its students, provisions for sanctioning rule violations, and due process mechanisms. It presupposes that students will obey all local, state and federal laws; comply with all University policies and procedures; and respect the rights of all individuals. The office adjudicates alleged Code violations and strives to achieve results which reflect the best interests of the University, its community, and the student(s) involved while emphasizing fairness, procedural integrity and education.

Judicial Affairs contributes directly to providing a safe academic and residential environment for all by requiring its students to adhere to the highest standards of personal conduct; maintaining a system of accountability through disciplinary review and recording; and facilitating acquisition of pertinent security data. We recognize the quality of a student is not only reflected in their grades, but it is manifest in the manner in which they conduct their personal affairs.