Who We Are

We’re committed to being here for you throughout your BU journey. We mentor and counsel, and promote an environment that encourages scholarly exchange and individual expression. Our office is dedicated to providing a space that allows you to effectively engage in academic and intellectual work, community service, and other activities that enrich your time here.

We hope you’ll come get to know us.

Dean of Students Staff

Kenneth Elmore, Associate Provost and Dean of Students
Jack Weldon, Associate Dean of Students
Steve Singer, Associate Dean of Students and Shared Business Services
John Battaglino, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Activities
Daryl DeLuca, Assistant Dean of Students
Dale Robbins, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Affairs
David Zamojski, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life
Daniel Solworth, Chief of Staff and Director of Operations
Susan Cleaver, Director of Fiscal Affairs
Christy Loring, Associate Director, Parents Program
Katherine Hasenauer Cornetta, Assistant to the Dean of Students
Lucy Torres, Executive Secretary

Our Centers and Services

In addition to the guidance our staff provides, the Dean of Students office has some of the most important pieces of your university life under its aegis. For more detail on how each of them can enhance your experience, visit their sites and get familiar with their services and staff.