Super Bowl Sunday

February 3rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It’s likely you’re consumed with the news of the day, schoolwork, and just life, but word is that more than 100 million people will gather in living rooms, watering holes, and other good and simple places to watch the final American football game of the season. The first Sunday in February is, de facto, an unofficial American national holiday. To assist you in your Super Bowl Sunday – this Sunday, February, 5 – planning, we write with a quick update regarding Boston University and City of Boston preparations for the big day.

(First, free up your Sunday schedule by putting a little extra schoolwork beforehand.) We encourage you to join festivities – regardless of whom you’re cheering for – at a party scheduled at the George Sherman Union’s Metcalf Ballroom beginning at 5:30 p.m. And, if you’re at least twenty-one, feel free to also watch the game and be festive at the BU Pub (starting at 5:30 p.m. too).

The Boston University Police Department is working with the City of Boston, the Boston Police Department, and surrounding agencies, universities, and colleges to ensure that you can celebrate and be festive, this weekend, free of personal injury and vandalism. The area surrounding Kenmore Square will be closed during and after Sunday’s Super Bowl game – we recommend you avoid biking, driving, or walking through or around Kenmore Square. If you need to go past Kenmore Square on foot or by bike, please use Bay State Road.

We’re waiting to see if the commercials are an innovative reflection of the times and hope that Stefani Germanotta gives a drop-the-mic halftime performance. We’ve all gone at it hard the last two weeks – time to check in with friends, loved ones, and strangers too. Meet up; enjoy the spectacle of Super Bowl Sunday; root for your team; and, most importantly, stay safe,

Kenneth Elmore
Associate Provost and Dean of Students

Scott Pare
Acting Chief of the Boston University Police Department and Executive Director of Public Safety

(Pssst! Rumor has it that the real post-game celebration and parade is in Boston on Tuesday.)

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