Staying Safe in a Taxi

August 21st, 2013

Many people use taxis to stay safe when getting around Boston at night. Despite two attacks involving unlicensed taxis in Boston this summer, most taxis are still safe to take. Just make sure to keep the following in mind before you take a taxi:

– Make sure it’s legit. Look for a taxi medallion and photo identification displayed in the taxi. If it is a town car, ask for a Massachusetts Port Authority license. Taxis in Boston also should not be using magnets on their car for identification – it should be a sign affixed to the top of or painted on the car.

– If you use apps like Uber and Hailo, make sure you are in communication with your driver. Apps like these allow you to call or text your driver. This will help you confirm their identity. In a recent Boston Globe article, a Hailo representative recommends confirming your driver’s name before you set foot in the car by asking, “What is your name?” and matching it up against the name the app has given you. In addition, Uber drivers will have the app displayed somewhere on their dashboard.

– Stay in a group if possible. While taking a taxi is a great way to make sure you get home safely alone, try to always stay with at least one other person. There is safety in numbers in many situations, and taking a taxi is one of them.

We’re not trying to scare you away from taking a taxi at all – in many situations, they are the safest way to get around. Just know what you should look for!

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