The Freshman Fanny

August 2nd, 2013

We all know Bed Bath & Beyond has a college packing list. Sheets, extension cords, notebooks. The obvious essentials. But what about what Bed Bath & Beyond doesn’t include? The things that some people forget coming into freshman year?

Don’t fear. We have you covered. All you need is a freshman fanny pack. Here are a few things we recommend keeping close by.

The Freshman Fanny should include:

1. A sick kit.
No matter how much Purell you bring, you might get sick. There is no worse feeling than reaching for Advil, and realizing that you don’t have any. Stock up on Advil, cough drops, and tissues. Just in case.
2. An open mind.
You will see, hear, and eat new things. Some of which you might not like at first. Stay open to new experiences. You might surprise yourself.
3. A raincoat.
Comm Ave is a wind tunnel in the rain. Your umbrella, provided it doesn’t get destroyed in the first ten minutes, will not protect you.
4. A fan. Or 10 fans.
As you will experience during orientation, dorms get HOT. Bring fans, and arrange them strategically.
5. Independence.
Initially, your first reaction to any slight hiccup will be to call home. Pause. Try handling it yourself. College is a time to gain independence, make mistakes, and form your own way.
6. Motivation.
Remember your goals, push through the challenges, and know that you can do it!
7. Boston Sports Knowledge.
The Rex Sox. The Bruins. The Celtics. You want to make friends? Right?

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