17 Things To Do Before BU

August 2nd, 2013

What will your room look like? What will you roommate be like? Will you like your classes? Will you pass your classes?

Pause. College isn’t here yet. You have a whole summer! So, Class of 2017, we present to you: 17 things to do Before BU.

1. Take pictures.
You will want to remember this!
2. Spend time with your family.
They will miss you, and you will miss them more than you think.
3. Learn to do laundry.
Don’t be “that freshman” on the phone with their mom in the laundry room.
4. Do something outside of your comfort zone.
College is all about branching out! Start practicing.
5. Read.
Don’t lose your smarts over the summer.
6. Develop an exercise routine.
Beware: Freshman 15. If you exercise at the start, it will be easier to keep it up.
7. Spend time with your friends.
8. Have an updated résumé.
You want to have one ready when opportunities arise. And they will.
9. Make a budget.
Who is paying for what? And how much is it?
10. Save money.
You will need more than you think.
11. Break your cell phone addiction.
Twitter can wait. Now is the time to make new connections…IN PERSON.
12. Enjoy orientation!
This is such an exciting time, and a great opportunity to make friends.
13. Accept uncertainty.
You don’t know exactly what it will be like, and that’s ok.
14. Cuddle with your pet.
The only animals here are squirrels. They don’t like cuddling.
15. Memorize your BU ID number.
And your social security number. Just do it.
16. Develop goals. And write them down.
Be clear. What do you want to accomplish next year?
17. Thank your parents.
They worked so hard to get you here, and they will work hard to get you through.

Enjoy your senior summer. Fall will come faster than you think.

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