Another Year Around the Sun!

September 10th, 2012

Welcome and welcome back!

It’s hard to believe – another year around the sun (I’m getting old).  Let me ask that question we’ve all asked and answered so many times today: how was your break? I hope it was wonderful – restful, productive, and beautiful.

I hope you can observe – with me – the giant creativity and flashes of the spirit that keep this community flourishing. This community has already started the year off with grand excitement.  We can tell the story of more than 1,300 students who came back to the campus, early, to lend their hands and hearts to more than 25,000 hours of service in Greater Boston – no one in the City does it better (pardon the slight trash talk). The BU Class of 2016 – 3,900, strong – walked through the streets of the City, together, for a ceremonious welcome and induction into this community.  And, many of you gave your energy to the start of the year and a contribution to the spirit of this place.  None of this is possible without our collective pride and individual confidence within the life of this community – it allows us to accept and encourage each other; listen to each other; forgive and improve; and, to contribute to the happiness of this setting.

My honorable task is to help you create and strengthen communities. We perpetuate an overall community where everyone can meet her or his goals through a set of minimum standards.  Therefore, it’s important that I remind you of a few important items.  First, take a look at the Code of Student Responsibilities – the standards for how we keep ourselves safe and maintain a community of people engaged in their good works. Please also take the time to review the University’s policies for academic and non-academic conduct.  You should note that you are subject to an academic conduct code.  As you engage in activities in and around the campus, please remain diligent about your personal safety and fire safety.  Feel free to ask questions of the people and departments here to respond to your concerns and to help you find solutions to problems.  Let’s also continue to do what we do best – look after each other.

Thanks for making this a place where entire communities of students are creating products, starting businesses, and making their own internships. I appreciate that you make this a community that keeps a place in its heart for the professional and the on the moment song, public poetry flow, and spontaneous performances.  We like good exhibits and get together to watch students’ films or, at times, just to shout. You’re proud of a clever post and celebrate decent conversation. I love that you try not to add to polluting soil, contaminating water, and degrading forests.  We register to vote.  We come together as departments, clubs, and organizations. Thank you! I look forward to your good work – again – this year.

Please contact us with any questions.  All the best in this new year,

Stay well. Stay safe. Peace.

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