That’s My Joint! – One Day Photo Challenge

July 11th, 2012


The committee decided that there was no winner in the last challenge. What’s wrong, was it too hard?

Let’s try it another way. This week, instead of just writing it down, show us your jam.

You know what we mean! The song that comes on and makes you say, “That’s my jam!” The jam that creates the automatic sing-along. The joint that plays in the house and even gets grandma dancing. Dare you not to move beats that might even make you swear! Disturbing the peace kind of music that will certainly get you noticed without anyone – even the police – willing to tell you to turn it down. You know!

Send us a picture of your jam.

You should know the drill, but here it is:

  • got to follow us on Twitter or Instagram or like us on foursquare
  • show us your picture however you like, but we’ll be checking Instagram, Twitter, and foursquare
  • after you click off a shot – with one of those apps — add #ohnomyjam in your comment or riff
  • we all get to see your cool picture – got to be in the public stream
  • need to get your picture before midnight today – July 11, 2012
  • got to be here to get the prize (rumored to be an electronic reading device)

Today, pretty is good but cleverness gets extra points.

Here’s a playlist to inspire you for this challenge.


(Photo above: throwback: LEN – “Steal My Sunshine” Posted on April 8, 2011 by vashtie at

3 Comments on That’s My Joint! – One Day Photo Challenge

  • Having trouble getting the playlist to show up on Spotify. Shows an empty list – not much swagger or inspiration!
    Any suggestions?

  • Did this photo contest have a winner?

  • Yes! @sehealy18 came through last week & won a Nook from @BUBookstore. New opp this week and hot jams

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