Clinical Research Informatics (CRI)

The CRI Program is a consultative service that helps researchers apply advanced informatics methods and resources to their research. All researchers have access to the BMC Clinical Data Warehouse (CDW)—a comprehensive repository of patient data receiving care at BMC and Boston HealthNet community health care centers—for analysis or trial recruitment. CRI is enhancing the integration of clinical care and research by expanding CDW capability through the i2b2 platform, creating a multi-dimensional system capable of supporting translational research at many levels.

The CRI program also develops a training plan targeted at researchers. The CTSI’s informatics course is the first modular, open access web-based course in informatics available to the entire CTSA network. The modular design allows participants to navigate modules and find their own comfort level.

Translational Researcher Toolkit

An online toolbox and training available to clinical and basic researchers can be found here.

The CRI Group

  • William G. Adams, MD, Director of BU CTSI Clinical Research Informatics
  • Christopher Shanahan, MD, MPH, Medical Director at Boston Medical Center ITS
  • Jerry Sobieraj, MD, MS, Senior Clinical Analyst, Enterprise Analytics at Boston Medical Center
  • Joel Vengco, MS, MA, Director of Ambulatory Information Services at Boston Medical Center
  • George T. O’Connor, MD, Director of BU CTSI Clinical Research Enhancements
  • Howard Cabral, PhD, Senior Biostatistician at BU CTSI Biostatistics Core
  • Linda Rosen, Senior Research Data Analyst
    For more information, please contact William G. Adams, MD, Director of BU CTSI Clinical Research Informatics,