Research investigators can request no-cost consultations from various BU CTSI services at any point during their research study. Requests can be made during or even before submission for IRB approval. BU CTSI Program Directors and staff will spend up to two hours on consultations related to your research. To find out more about consults or to learn more about BU CTSI’s no-cost consults, please visit the Research Navigator page.

If you need more assistance after your initial consultation, the BU CTSI offers vouchers for additional consultative and core services to help support postdocs and faculty who may have limited resources or are unfunded. Vouchers provide a maximum of $5,000.

Vouchers are intended to enable preliminary work, generate data for new or ongoing projects, and/or secure fee-based core services for expert consultation services (e.g. biostatistics & data management) with the ultimate goal of furthering clinical and translational research.

These vouchers are available for projects that are ready for services immediately and have IRB or IACUC approvals (if required), but not intended for long-term projects. Vouchers will not be awarded unless required approvals have been granted. Vouchers may not be used to cover faculty salary or costs otherwise covered by grants or other funding sources.

BU CTSI Vouchers are available on a rolling basis, however please note we are unable to award second vouchers to those who have already been funded. To apply for a BU CTSI Voucher, please complete the application here.