The BU Alumni Medical Library serves as a central education hub on the Medical Campus. It is dedicated to offering specialized services and support to BU CTSI investigators and researchers, not only to enhance their involvement in science-based initiatives but also to promote the dissemination of BU’s scholarly works and distinctive digital collections. This commitment aligns with the broader mission of the Alumni Medical Library, which is to create a collaborative environment that fosters academic excellence, supports innovative research, teaching, and learning, and encourages outreach across the Boston University Medical Campus community.

For investigators and researchers at BUMC, the Alumni Medical Library is not just a service but a partner in their scholarly journey. With access to a rich array of resources, expert guidance, and collaborative opportunities, the library is poised to support, inspire, and drive forward the quest for knowledge and discovery. Read the Spotlight Here

Unexplored Resources and Services for Researchers 

  • Access to 246 databases available for research on the medical campus
  • Access to 577 databases provided through the main BU library.
  • Introduction of Rayyan and Covidence into the library’s offerings, specifically aimed at improving the processes involved in systematic and scoping reviews. These tools aid in streamlining collaboration, screening, data extraction, and the assessment of bias.
  • Utilization of Resource Guides, or LibGuides, with an existing collection of 45 guides. These guides:
    1. Cover a broad spectrum of health sciences topics.
    2. Are consistently updated and curated to ensure relevance and accuracy.
    3. Include subjects related to medical, dental, and public health, along with tools and resources for mobile apps and consumer health information.