The CTSI provides pilot funding for innovative translational research and the development of research methods at BU.  That encompasses the continuum from the development of new therapies and diagnostic tests, to studies of the population health impact of health interventions.

The overarching goal of the BU CTSI Pilot Grant Program is to help investigators explore and solve major challenges in translational science, especially those that address the special health problems of our urban communities, by developing and deploying new tools, methods, and processes to expedite clinical and translational research and discovery.

We seek to stimulate individual and team science in all areas of translational research related to the prevention, diagnosis, and management of the human disease. Researchers engaged in translational basic/bench, clinical, biomedical, patient-oriented, implementation, and population health science research are encouraged to apply. The CTSI welcomes applications that are at all levels of the translational continuum including:

T1 research that develops novel treatments and interventions by expediting the movement between basic research and patient-oriented research leading to new or improved scientific understanding or standards of care.

T2 research that tests the efficacy and effectiveness of interventions through patient-oriented research and population-based research leading to better patient outcomes, the implementation of best practices, and improved health status in communities.

T3 research that promotes dissemination and implementation of research for system-wide change through the movement of evidence based-guidelines into clinical practice.

T4 research that promotes discoveries in population science.


Release Date: July 19, 2023
Application due date: September 11, 2023
Earliest Activation Date: April 1, 2024, or July 1, 2024 (for DOM-funded awards)

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