To ensure success of our institute, we implement a Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. The plan tracks and assesses processes, outputs and outcomes to support continuous program improvement and demonstration of outcomes, impact and innovation. The institute’s evaluation team uses a participatory evaluation approach to work with each program to design and implement individual program evaluation plans to assess the extent to which the implementation of strategies are achieving expected outcomes. Each program evaluation plan consists of a:

(1) Workplan that guides implementation of program strategies and activities linked to aims;

(2) Logic Model that maps program activities, outputs and outcomes;

(3) Evaluation Implementation Plan that outlines methods, metrics and timelines;

(4) Dashboard of metrics linked to each program aim to document the extent to which aims are being attained;

(5) Dissemination Plan for sharing and using the data with various audiences;

(6) Action Plan for documenting findings and changes made to program strategies and activities to improve efforts over time.