Making a Financial Difference

As a not-for-profit institution, the University is exempt from paying taxes. But we voluntarily pay millions of dollars.

We feel it’s incumbent upon us to contribute as generously as possible to bettering the place where we have thrived for over a century. To this end, we’ve instituted a voluntary Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes agreement with the City of Boston. Last fiscal year, we voluntarily contributed $4.66 million and paid an additional $4.02 million in real estate taxes. We also launched an initiative to provide a number of additional benefits and payments which included $533,000 to the city in fees.

Our sense of civic duty extends to Brookline, where we made payments last year of $265,000, and $1.9 million in real estate taxes. In fact, despite our nonprofit status, we are Brookline’s top taxpayer, contributing as much as we can to improving the quality of life for our nearest neighbors.

Boston University Total Employment in Massachusetts


Commonwealth of MA Boston Met. Area City of Boston
Faculty and Staff 11,416 10,938 2,997
Casual Employees 2,075 1,950 645
Student Employees 10,987 10,987 8,644
Subsidiary Employees 1,350 1,222 668
Total Direct Employment 25,828 25,097 12,954
Indirect Employment 17,981 14,626 1,624
Total Employment 43,809 39,723 14,578


Overview of Boston University’s FY-2008 Economic Impact

City of Boston Metropolitan Boston Massachusetts
Boston University’s direct spending for employee salaries and benefits and the purchase of goods
and services
$486,415,452 $1,275,009,208 $1,339,897,856
Direct spending by Boston University students and their out-of-state visitors $248,876,822 $378,294,592 $383,886,085
Additional spending created by Boston University’s spending and the spending by Boston University
students and their out-of-state visitors
$428,673,017 $1,823,423,719 $2,129,867,653
Total Economic Impact $1,163,965,291 $3,476,727,519 $3,853,651,594