William T. Steffens

Adjunct Professor, Research Methods

B.A., M.C.P., Boston University; M.B.A., Babson College

Mr. Steffens has over 30 years of transportation and planning experience and serves as the regional manager of McMahon Associates’ New England operation. In this capacity, he is responsible for all project work produced in the region (including the firm’s Boston and Taunton, MA offices), ensuring that appropriate personnel and resources are available to accomplish tasks, and is the principal source of contact for clients and team members.

Over the past several years, Steffens’ interests have shaped his involvement in several areas related to urban transportation planning in the public sector. Among these have been various management studies focused on investigating the current business practices of public agencies in the planning, design, construction, and operation of transportation systems. These have addressed Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Control Centers, Traveler Information Systems, Interagency Coordination and Resource Sharing, Communication Systems, and the Safety and Security of surface and subsurface infrastructure.

The management of agency assets and the deployment of personnel and equipment to achieve the greatest operational benefit for travelers while minimizing costs has been a frequent goal of these efforts. Steffens has built this area of expertise at McMahon and continues to work with senior executives in the public arena to identify and promote effective programs within their agencies.

Current and Past Courses:

Professional Affiliations:

  • Intelligent Transportation Society of Massachusetts, Chairman, Advisory Committee
  • Transportation Research Board
  • The Georgia Institute of Technology, “Advanced Site Impact Analysis”
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers, “Site Impact Analysis”