2010 Boston

The Changing Contours of World Mission and Christianity

November 4-7, 2010

The fourth major centennial celebration of Edinburgh 1910 was held at several Boston Theological Institute consortium schools and related churches and facilities, primarily along the “Green Line” of the Boston trolley system.


Seminary students and faculty from all over the world, but particularly as based in the schools of theology, seminaries and university divinity schools of the Greater Boston (USA) area,  held a conference sponsored by the Boston Theological Institute (BTI), the consortium of such schools. (A similar meeting was held in 1910 in Boston shortly after the one in Edinburgh.) The BTI planned a conference that came toward the end of 2010, offering a summation and analysis of the previous “Edinburgh Conferences.” The conference in Boston, with the theme “The Changing Contours of World Mission and Christianity,” will reflected the student and academic character of its setting. Student involvement began through a series of blogs. This conference was an opportunity not only to interact with key mission leaders but will also included workshops welcoming student participation at a variety of points, particularly around the leading themes of the Edinburgh mission process.   The goal of the conference was to discern a vision for what might constitute mission in the twenty-first century, a mission that stands in the trajectory of Christian witness from the earliest days of the church and is inclusive of matters relating to human flourishing, reconciliation, faith in the future and conducive of religious liberty. Dr. Dana L. Robert was recorded as the opening keynote speaker at 2010 Boston.   Dr. Liz Parsons and CGCM Fellow Dr. Jesudas Athyal were on the planning team for the Boston conference. Boston University doctoral student Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Christian Reformed missionary in Costa Rica,  also spoke at the Boston conference.

2010Boston Conference Summary