Training Overview

Welcome to the BUworks Training Overview and Resources page. This page is organized based on the assumption that you seek help for one of the following reasons:

  1. You are new to Boston University and need to develop a foundational understanding of BUworks. If this describes you, we recommend you start here.
  2. You have been working at the University for a while and have been assigned a new business role for which you need training. Sound like you? If so, start here.
  3. You perform a task in BUworks infrequently and need a quick refresher on how to perform a task or to understand a particular process. If so, read on.

There are several ways to learn about Boston University business processes and associated BUworks transactions. Depending upon the information you seek, your learning style, and the time you have available, you may find one or more of the resources described below appropriate to your needs.

Process Guides

The Guides, which include both videos and process flow diagrams, are a great way to explore BU administrative processes and associated BUworks tools. Videos provide brief navigational and conceptual background information for these topics:

  • BUworks Navigation
  • Using the Worklist
  • Using Employee Self-Service
  • Using Manager Self-Service

Process Flow diagrams show the sequence of transactions and give context to the detailed work instructions. Topics include:

  • Time Management
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Ordering Goods and Services
  • Business Warehouse Reporting

Document Library

The Document Library is an extensive collection of step-by-step instructions which include detailed descriptions, examples, short cuts, best practices, and screen shots for processing transactions in BUworks. Topics include:

  • Basic Navigation and the BUworks Central portal
  • Each of the BUworks functional areas – Finance, Human Capital Management (HR), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Business Warehouse reporting

Power Users

One of the most effective ways to learn new business processes is for you to partner with coworkers and seasoned employees who have a deep understanding of your unit’s role and systems.  To support you in the use of BUworks, we have established a network of Power Users.

Instructor-led Hands-on Training Workshops

Beyond the learning you can do independently using the Process Guides and Document Library or with the help of a Power User, we offer a number of instructor-led workshops in Finance, Sourcing & Procurement, HR, and Business Warehouse reporting. These sessions typically run for one and one half to two hours and are offered on a regular basis on both campuses.