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Obtaining appropriate academic advising is an important part of any academic program. Any student considering one of the astronomy majors is urged to discuss their goals and how these might be met with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Hughes.

Once a student declares a major in one of the astronomy programs, he/she is assigned an academic advisor from among the astronomy faculty. Academic advisors help students design an academic program that both meets their goals and fulfills the requirements of the chosen major and the general CAS degree requirements.

Students meet with their advisor at least once a semester to review their progress, discuss changes in their goals or plans, and to consider appropriate courses for the following semester. Some students choose to meet with their advisor more frequently. Professor Hughes, as Director of Undergraduate Studies, is available to meet with any student who wishes further advice on any matter, or who would rather not discuss some issue with their advisor. A student may request a change of academic advisor without giving a reason.