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Studying astronomy is an exciting and challenging journey that can take you to a rewarding career in research, teaching, laboratory science, and a wide range of other technical fields. The journey begins with applying to Boston University for undergraduate studies. For students completing (or who have completed) relevant college degrees, the journey continues with advanced studies and independent research leading to the PhD degree.

Admission to Boston University for undergraduate studies leading to a BA or BA/MA degree is done through the Admissions Office of the university. The Department of Astronomy is not involved in the admissions process other than through advice, tours, and as a resource for answers to common questions.

Admission to the PhD program in the Astronomy Department involves submission of complete applications to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences followed by evaluation conducted by a faculty admissions committee within the Astronomy Department. The Astronomy Department does not admit students for MA-only studies. Applications to the PhD program are accepted through December 15th each year – mid-year applications are not normally considered. Evaluation involves a holistic approach that examines courses and grades, research experience and supporting letters, as well as scientific interests and matches to our current research groups and topics.

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