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Astronomy encompasses all aspects of the physical universe, from the upper atmosphere of the Earth to the edge of the cosmos.

Your gift helps continue the excitement, curiosity, and innovation in these topics which fill our courses and inspire our research. Help us make a difference in the BU community and help us inspire beyond our campus.

Here are just a few direct ways in which a contribution will help the department further our mission:

  • Student Field Trips to BU telescopes in Arizona
    or to NASA labs

    small –  supports lodging costs for one student on a field trip
    medium –  supports a round-trip airline trip for one student


  • Perkins Telescope Nightly Operations
    medium –  supports the costs to operate the PTO for one night
    large –  supports the costs for BU use of the Lowell Discovery Telescope for one night


  • CAS Building Rooftop Observing
    medium –  supports the cost to replace a color CCD camera on one rooftop telescope
    large –  supports funding for a new rooftop telescope


  • Undergraduate Researcher Support
    medium – Funding can help support undergraduate research assistants for part or all of a summer


  • Graduate Student Support
    large – Funding can help support graduate students for a summer or an academic year of research

In addition, if you are considering establishing a long-term and deeper relationship with BU Astronomy, please contact the Department Chair, Dan Clemens.

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To make a gift that helps support our mission, please click below. Thank you for supporting BU Astronomy!

Questions? Contact the Department Chair!

Dan Clemens

Professor; Astronomy Department Chair