Advanced Oral Biology

GMS OB 800

This advanced course will explore in-depth current topics in oral biology research. The format of the course consists primarily of formal didactic lectures, but students will also be challenged to analyze experimental approaches and methods from current literature in a group-discussion "journal" club format in which papers from current literature are assigned and discussed. This course is designed to provide students with basic knowledge and to develop critical thinking abilities. Topics will include host molecular, cellular, and genetic bases of periodontal diseases; microbiology of periodontal diseases; molecular events in inflammation, wound healing, and periodontal tissue regeneration; molecular components and function of the periodontal ligament, cementum, and attachment structures; extracellular matrix accumulation and turnover in mineralized and non-mineralized tissues; the etiology and complications of diabetes, with emphasis on oral tissue pathology and mechanisms, biosynthesis and functions of oral mucins, endocrine-dependent periodontal changes, effects of growth factors on periodontal tissues and cells, biosynthesis and structure of salivary proteins, and mechanisms of non-immune antibacterial processes in the oral cavity. 4 cr, Fall sem.

FALL 2015 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Helmerhorst ARR M 3:00 pm-4:50 pm WebReg Restricted
Room is W 208
MED Campus

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