MFA in Screenwriting

MFA candidates have a fourfold requirement: to understand and practice the art of screenwriting; to learn the fundamentals of dramatic production; to understand different models of filmmaking and film history; and to comprehend the role of the storyteller and that of mythology in the dramatic tradition.

Screenwriting Curriculum

First Semester

  • COM FT 702 Script into Film
  • COM FT 552 Writing the Short Film
  • COM FT 711 Screenwriting I
  • COM FT 722 American Masterworks or COM FT 721 International Masterworks

Second Semester

  • COM FT 707 Production I
  • COM FT 512 Writing Episodic Drama
  • COM FT 704 Genre for Screenwriting
  • COM FT 713 Screenwriting II

Third Semester

  • COM FT 724 Screenwriting III
  • COM FT 730 Screen Adaptation I
  • COM FT 522 Writing Situation Comedy
  • Elective*

Fourth Semester

  • COM FT 729 Script Analysis
  • COM FT 731 Screenwriting IV
  • COM FT 514 Writing the Television Pilot
  • Elective*

*Screenwriting, FIlm, or Television elective