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  • CAS AH 571: African American Art
    Studies African American art and craft production from the early nineteenth century to the present against the background of the diaspora, reconstruction, and the modernist movements of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Also offered as CAS AA 571.
  • CAS AH 575: From Studio to Savannah: Photography in Africa
    Study of the role photography plays in determining how the world views Africa. Focus on both colonial and on contemporary photographs. An emphasis on how Africans have played an active role in confronting colonialism and in manipulating their own self-image.
  • CAS AH 580: Architectural Technology and Materials
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or consent of instructor.
    An introduction to the history of architectural construction, technologies, and materials, and their consequences in the built environment. Students receive a practical understanding of the building process and of its social and cultural contexts.
  • CAS AH 584: Greater Boston: Architecture and Planning
    Examines the buildings, development patterns, and open space planning of greater Boston, with particular emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Weekly visits to neighborhoods and buildings throughout the city are combined with independent research projects for each member of the seminar.
  • CAS AH 585: Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or permission of instructor.
    Topic for Spring 2015: TBA.
  • CAS AH 587: Green Design
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior, senior, or graduate standing.
    This seminar explores the historical context for issues of sustainability and green architecture from the eighteenth century to the present, charted through questions of landscape theory, public park making, suburbanization, adaptive re-use, and new materials and methods of construction.
  • CAS AH 589: Topics in Nineteenth-Century Art
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior (or graduate student).
    Topic for Spring 2015: Romanticism. An exploration of the art of Goya, Blake, Friedrich, Géricault, Delacroix, and others, who created enduring works of the imagination in an era of revolution, nationalism, and religious revival.
  • CAS AH 591: Seminar in Photographic History
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior standing, or consent of instructor.
    Topic for Spring 2015: Documentary Photography. A study of changing uses, definitions, and archives of documentary photography from 1839 to the present. Topics include urban photography, war imagery, topographical and survey landscapes, architectural records, social reform photography, New Deal imagery, and digital documents.
  • CAS AI 101: Introduction to Asian Studies
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: required of all Asian Studies majors.
    Mini-seminar to analyze and integrate students' coursework of the Asian Studies Major. Student presentations on relevant events outside coursework; reading and discussion focused on current issues in Asian studies. Required of all Asian Studies majors.
  • CAS AI 401: Honors Research in Asian Studies
    Honors research in Asian Studies.
  • CAS AI 402: Honors Research in Asian Studies
    Honors research in Asian Studies.
  • CAS AM 200: Introduction to American Studies
    An exploration of the multi-faceted themes of American society and culture in selected historical periods using a variety of approaches to interpret such topics as American art, literature, politics, material culture, and the mass media. Required of majors and minors. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS AM 202: What's Boston?
    What's Boston? explores Boston's complex urban and natural world. University faculty share cutting-edge research, focusing on Boston as a PLACE and a guiding IDEA, introducing the perspectives of disparate scholarly disciplines. Discover where you stand and where you might go! No prerequisites. This course welcomes first-year students and is open to all BU undergraduates.
  • CAS AM 250: American Arts and Society
    Investigates key issues and themes in American arts and letters. Topic for Spring 2016: In Love and War: Intimate Relationships and the American Homefront Since the Civil War. Throughout American history, the experience of war has fundamentally shaped the ways that Americans think about themselves, their fellow Americans, and the meanings of national citizenship; and has exerted a powerful influence on familial, sexual, and marital relations, gender roles, and childrearing practices.
  • CAS AM 301: Perspectives on the American Experience
    American history and society as viewed by those who made it. Topic for Fall 2015: Unruly Bodies in American Film. Many argue we learned how to be American by watching ourselves on film. What happened to people who didn't fit the norm? This course explores how "unruly bodies"--from the 1940s femme fatale to "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"--have redefined the American experience.
  • CAS AM 313: Internships in Public History
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Students undertake supervised work in Boston-area institutions dedicated to the public presentation of America's past. Students meet with the instructor to discuss themes in public history theory and practice that, together with the internship experience and related readings, inform a final research project and class presentation. Also offered as CAS HI 313.
  • CAS AM 376: Housing America
    What do dwellings say about the diversity of American experience? For over four centuries and across a continent, wealth and poverty, family and community, taste and technology have all shaped the meaning of home. Illustrated lecturers supplemented by field trips. Also offered as CAS AH 376.
  • CAS AM 501: Special Topics in American Studies
    Topic for Fall 2015: The American South in History, Literature, and Film. Explores the American South through literature, film, and other sources. Considers what, if anything, has been distinctive about the Southern experience and how a variety of Americans have imagined the region over time. Also offered as CAS HI 462.
  • CAS AM 502: Special Topics in American Studies
    Topic for Spring 2016: Mystic Orders and Secret Societies: Fraternalism in America. Interdisciplinary seminar exploring the activities and ideologies of fraternal organizations, including the Freemasons, Ku Klux Klan, and the Rebekahs, among others, and examining the role of secret societies in American culture. Culminates with an original research paper.
  • CAS AM 546: Places of Memory: Historic Preservation Theory and Practice
    Covers key aspects of the history, theory, and practice of historic preservation. Preservation will be discussed in the context of cultural history and the changing relationship between existing buildings and landscapes and attitudes toward history, memory, invented tradition, and place.