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We will only publish contributed papers by officially registered participants who have a disk and PLA on file with the Paideia Project office. If your paper does not appear in the proper section, please contact the Paideia Project office as soon as possible. A record of all contributed papers presented at the Twentieth World Congress is available in the contributed papers section of the master schedule. A listing of links to Roundtable, Society, and Poster Sessions presentations available elsewhere on the internet is also provided here.

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Regarding browser support: The papers published in The Paideia Archive are optimized for browsers that support Cascading Style Sheet technology. This includes Netscape Navigator 4.0 and higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and higher. Certain fonts, including SGreek Fixed (for Greek characters), Times New Roman Cyrillic (for Russian characters), Symbol (for logical and mathematical notations), etc., may not appear properly if you do not have the appropriate browser. If you experience technical difficulty reading papers in The Paideia Archive, please contact the project's webmaster and provide details of the difficulty.

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