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Bioethics and Medical Ethics

The papers indexed below were given at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10-15, 1998. Additional papers may be added to this section as electronic versions are aquired and formatted for the archive. These papers will be listed for a period of time at the What's New? page.

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Bioethics and Medical Ethics
Author's Name Affiliation Paper Title
Susan Anderson University of Connecticut The Cloning of Human Beings
Dieter Birnbacher   Embryo Research as a Paradigm of Ethical Pragmatics
Michele A. Carter   Synthetic Model of Bioethical Inquiry
L. Collins Indiana University South Bend On Human Cloning: A Secular Feminist Perspective
Dennis R. Cooley   Second Best: A Case for Lowering Testing Standards in Third World Countries
Alfonso Flórez and Claudia Escobar Pontifica Universidad Javeriana La Eutanasia No-VoluntariaSpanishS.gif
    (1012 bytes)
Ronnie Hawkins University of Central Florida An Evolutionary-Ecofeminist Perspective on Xeno- and Human Fetal Tissue Transplantation
Heta Häyry & Tuija Lehto   Who Should Know About Our Genetic Makeup and Why?
Matti Häyry & Tuija Lehto   Genetic Engineering and the Risk of Harm
Paul Hoyt-O'Connor   Virtue and the Practice of Medicine
Victor M. Idoate García Universidad Pública de Navarra Aspectos Bioeticos de la Determinacion Genomica y sus AplicacionesSpanishS.gif
    (1012 bytes)
Mary B. Mahowald   On Helping People to Die: A Pragmatic Account
Patricia S. Mann   Meanings of Death

Márcio Mariguela

Instituto de Filosofía y Ciencias Humanas (IFCH) The Social Representation of AIDS: Groups at Risk  SpanishS.gif (1012
Kevin McDonnell Saint Mary's College Medical Research and Dependent People
Ellen M. McGee and G. Q. Maguire, Jr.   Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips
Sylvia Nagl   Genetic Essentialism and the Discursive Subject
Peter Novak Universitat Ulm Coping with Existential Threats and the Inevitability of Asking for Meaningfulness
Maria Patrão Neves Universidade dos Açores Le Respect pour la Nature Humaine: Exigence Éthique et Obligation LégaleFrenchS.gif
    (989 bytes)
Maja E. Pellikaan-Engel   Philosophy Educating Humanity?
Thomas Platt West Chester University Medicine, Metaphysics and Morals
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff University of Copenhagen Basic Principles in Bioethics and Biolaw
James H. Rutherford   An Ecological Organic Paradigm: A Framework of Analysis for Moral and Political Philosophy
William Soderberg Montgomery College Genetic Enhancement of a Child's Memory: A Search for a Private and Public Morality
William E. Stempsey College of the Holy Cross Causation and Moral Responsibility for Death
Bonnelle Lewis Strickling   A Moral Basis for the Helping Profession
Peg Tittle   Permitting Abortion and Prohibiting Prenatal Harm: Reconciling the Contradiction
Tom Tomlinson Michigan State University Balancing Principles in Beauchamp and Childress
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