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Philosophy of Science

The papers indexed below were given at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10-15, 1998. Additional papers may be added to this section as electronic versions are aquired and formatted for the archive. These papers will be listed for a period of time at the What's New? page.

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Philosophy of Science
Author's Name Affiliation Paper Title
David Boersema Pacific University Inductivism, Naturalism, and Metascientific Theories
José E. Burgos Universidad Central de Venezuela,
Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
The Relational Nature of Species Concepts
Armando Cíntora   Critical Comments on Laudan's Theory of Scientific Aims
Manuel Comesaña Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata ¿Tiene Derecho a Existir la Filosofía de la Ciencia? Spanish
Gustaaf C. Cornelis Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel, Belgium Is Popularization of Science Possible?
Gyorgy Darvas The Institute for Advanced Symmetry Studies, Budapest, Hungary Ontological Levels and Symmetry Breaking
Gregg Alan Davia University of Stuttgar and University of Mainz, Germany Thoughts on a Possible Rational Reconstruction of the Method of "Rational Reconstruction"
Elba del Carmen Riera Universidad Nacional de Santiago del Estero, República Argentina La Complejidad: Consideraciones Epistemológicas y Filosóficas Spanish
Assen I. Dimitrov Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Do Attractors Exist in Physical Space: The Truth Is Out There
Francisco Flores Queen’s University

“Top-Down” or “Bottom-Up”: Explaining Laws in Special Relativity

Maarten Franssen Delft University of Technology The Not-so-trivial Truth of Methodological Individualism
Vladimir G. Gamaonov   The Relation-Functional Concept Of The Information
Serghey Stoilov Gherdjikov University of Sofia, Bulgaria The Limits of Science
Alexandru Giuculescu   Order Versus Chaos or the Ghost of Indeterminacy
David Gruenberg Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey Bootstrapping and the Problem of Testing Quantitative Theoretical Hypotheses
David Gruender Florida State University On Explanation: Aristotelean and Hempelean
Jagdish Hattiangadi York University Algebra As Thought Experiment
Norma Silvia Horenstein National University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina Something More on What Explanation Explains Spanish
Imre Hronszky TU, Budapest, Hungary Technological "Paradigms:" Cognitive Traditions and Communities in Technological Change
Heisook Kim Ewha Womans University, Korea Yin and Yang: the Nature of Scientific Explanation in a Culture
Theo A. F. Kuipers University of Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands Epistemological Positions in the Light of Truth Approximation
Yury I. Kulakov Novosobirsk State University, Novosobirsk, Russia The Search for Scientific Truth Leads to God
Jean Leroux Université d'Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada Les "Théories de L'image" De Helmholtz et de Hertz et les Motifs de Carnap Dans L'aufbau French
Manuel Liz University of La Laguna, Santa Cruz, Spain New Physical Properties
Christoph Luetge University of Munich, Germany Naturalized Philosophy of Science and Economic Method
Lorenzo Magnani University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy Abduction and Hypothesis Withdrawal in Science
Anthony Mansueto Foundation for Social Progress Cosmic Teleology and the Crisis of the Sciences
V. Mantatov, I. Lambaeva East-Siberian State University of Technology, Ulan-Ude, Russia Science, Development and Humanity
John Losee Lafayette College Philosophy of Science and the Theory of Natural Selection
Hernán Miguel Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina First Revelation: When Theoretical Becomes Visible
Robert Miner University of Notre Dame Lakatos and MacIntyre on Incommensurability and the Rationality of Theory-change
Khristos Nizamis The University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia A DNA Account of Propositions as Events: Dummett, Någårjuna, Aristotle
Pierre Nzinzi U.O.B Libreville, Gabon L'erreur: pédagogue de l'humanité French
Héctor A. Palma Ciclo Básico Común- Universidad de Buenos Aires Polemica imaginaria entre Popper y Kuhn sobre el progreso de la ciencia según un punto de vista evolucionista Spanish
Andrew N.Pavlenko Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia Epistemological Turn in European Scientific Rationality
Volker Peckhaus Erlangen University, Erlangen, Germany The Heuristic Function of the Axiomatic Method
Sheldon Richmond Public Service Commission of Canada, Toronto, Canada The Two Cultures Problem
Walter Riofrio Rios Universidad de Lima, Lima, Peru La Vida en sus Origenes: Las Propiedades Basicas Spanish
Erdinç Sayan Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey The Bayesian Theory of Confirmation, Idealizations and Approximations in Science
Gregor Schiemann Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin, Deutschland Ohne Telos und Substanz: Grenzen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Kausalitätsverständnisses German
Leonid G. Kreidik and George P. Shpenkov Polytechnic Academy, Minsk, Belarus and Technical University, Bydgoszcz, Poland Philosophy of Contents: Form and Coulomb's Law
Spas Spassov University of Toronto Biological Teleology in Contemporary Science
Ana Elisa Spielberg Licenciada en Filosofía, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina Werner Heisenberg: Reflexiones Sobre Pragmatismo y Positivismo Spanish
Lawrence H. Starkey Principal Editor for Philosophy, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Emeritus Particle and Astro-physics Challenge Kant's Phenomenolism
Paul C. L. Tang California State University, Long Beach The Monoamine Hypothesis, Placebos and Problems of Theory Construction in Psychology, Medicine, and Psychiatry
I.Z.Tsekhmistro Kharkov State University Quantum Holism as Consequence of the Relativistic Approach to the Problem of Quantum Theory Interpretation
Daniel Videla New School for Social Research The Problem of Science in Heidegger's Thought
Vaclav Cernik, Jozef Vicenik, and Emil Visnovsky Slovak Academy of Sciences Historical Types of Rationality
Fritz Wallner University of Vienna A New Vision of Science
Friedel Weinert University of Bradford When the Scientist turns Philosopher
Yang Yaokun and Cheng Liangdao Hubei University and Hubei Normal University The Rationality of Scientific Discovery: The Aspect of the Theory of Creation
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