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Philosophy of Mind

The papers indexed below were given at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10-15, 1998. Additional papers may be added to this section as electronic versions are aquired and formatted for the archive. These papers will be listed for a period of time at the What's New? page.

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Philosophy of Mind
Author's Name Affiliation Paper Title
Ira Altman City University of New York The Concept of Intelligence
Kristin Andrews University of Minnesota On Predicting Behavior
Michael V. Antony University of Haifa On the Temporal Boundaries of Simple Experiences
Angela J. Arkway New York University The Simulation Theory and Explanations that ‘Make Sense of Behavior’
Angela J. Arkway New York University Simulation, Folk Psychological Explanation, and Causal Laws
Katalin Balog Rutgers University Conceivability Arguments or the Revenge of the Zombies
Paul Bernier Concordia University Reflexive Transparency, Mental Content, and Externalism
Piotr Boltuc St. Olaf College Qualia, Robots and Complementarity of Subject and Object
Neil Campbel   Reviving Psychophysical Supervenience
James Dallett   On Images
Nikolaj Demjançuk University of West Bohemia, Plzen, CZECH Problems of Mind as Action
Ralph Ellis Clark Atlanta University Why Isn't Consciousness Empirically Observable? Emotional Purposes As Basis For Self-Organization
Roger Fellows University of Bradford Animal Belief
Andries Gouws University of Natal "Mankind cannot bear too much reality": sketch for a reconstruction of the Freudian unconscious.
York H. Gunther Stanford University Nonconceptuality and the Emotions
Lisa L. Hall John Carroll University The Self-Knowledge That Externalists Leave Out
Robert Hudson Concordia University In Defense of Direct Perception
Henry Jackman University of Toledo Belief, Rationality and Psychophysical Laws
Kamaladevi R. Kunkolienker PES College of Arts of Sciences From "Mind" to "Supermind": A Statement of Aurobindonian Approach
Robert G. Lantin University of Montreal Restoring Mind-Brain Supervenience: A Proposal
Mary Litch University of Alabama-Birmingham Identity Conditions for Indicator State Types within Dretske's Theory of Psychological Content Naturalization
Vincenzo P. Lo Monaco Universidad Central de Venezuela La cuestión de la Sistematicidad en el Análisis Computacional de la Mente Spanish
Luciano B. Mariano Keio University Double Disjunctivitis
Pascual F. Martínez-Freire Universidad de Málaga Mind, Intelligence and Spirit
Lydia Mechtenberg   Getting Rid of the Mind Body Problem:
Ontological Relativism and the
Pragmatic Notion of Metaphysical Truth
Leonid I. Perlovsky Nichols Research Corporation Computational Complexity and the Origin of Universals
Donald V. Poochigian University of North Dakota To Resurrect a Ghost: In Defence of Psychological Dualism
Matja Potr University of Ljubljana Ontomorph: Mind Meets The World
Aaron Preston University of Southern California David Hume’s Treatment of Mind
Ralph Schumacher Institut für Philosophie Blindsight and the Role of the Phenomenal Qualities of Visual Perceptions
Sergei Shevstov   About Specific Processing of Mind at the Period of Revaluation
Pär Sundström Umeå University Consciousness and Intentionality of Action
Norman Yujen Teng National Chung Cheng University The Depictive Nature of Visual Mental Imagery
Mary Tjiattas University of the Witwatersrand Functional Irrationality
David F Wolf II University at Albany Why Granny Should Have Read French Philosophers: The Phenomenology of Fodor or the Modularity of Merleau-Ponty
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