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Political Philosophy

The papers indexed below were given at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, in Boston, Massachusetts from August 10-15, 1998. Additional papers may be added to this section as electronic versions are aquired and formatted for the archive. These papers will be listed for a period of time at the What's New? page.

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Political Philosophy
Author's Name Affiliation Paper Title
Omar Astorga Universidad Central de Venezuela La Institution Imaginaria del Leviathan SpanishS.gif (1012 bytes)
Wolfgang Balzer Universitaet Muenchen Freedom and Equality in the Comparison of Political Systems
Patricia Britos Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Legitimidad democrática: ¿consenso o votación? SpanishS.gif (1012 bytes)
Andrew Buchwalter University of North Florida Constitutional Paideia: Remarks on Hegel's Philosophy of Law
Tadeusz Buksinski   The Moral Aspect of Political Protest under the Totalitarian System
Vjekoslav Butigan
NIS Yugoslavia The Political Ethos of the Civil Society
Edmund F. Byrne Indiana University Mission in Modern Life: A Public Role for Religious Beliefs
Elena Cantarino Universidad de Valencia Educación de un Príncipe Cristiano (Education of a Christian Prince) SpanishS.gif (1012 bytes)
James Daly The Queen's University of Belfast Marx and the Two Enlightenments
Artour L. Demtchouk Moscow State University Sustainable Development: New Political Philosophy for Russia?
David W. Felder Florida A & M University The Call for a World Constitutional Convention: An Application of John Locke's Theory of Revolution
Maurice A. Finocchiaro University of Nevada-Las Vegas Rethinking Gramsci's Political Philosophy
Ken Foldes   Does the Solution to our Present Moral and Political Dilemmas Lie in the Theories of the German Idealists?
Jeremy Gallegos Purdue University Hume on Revolution
Kevin M. Graham Creighton University The Ideal of Objectivity in Political Dialogue
Kenneth Henley Florida International University Tolerance, Liberalism, and Community
James Hersh Salve Regina University Austin's Ditch: The Political Necessity and Impossibility of "Non-Serious" Speech
R. A. Hill Virginia State University Government, Justice, and Human Rights
Terry Hoy Simpson College Rawls' Concept Of Justice As Political: A Defense Against Critics
Shuji Imamoto Yotsuya Gakuin College The Concept of 'Metaphysical Liberalism': On the Philosophical Source of 'Liberal Democracy'
Edward James Bridgewater State College The Multivisions of Multiculturalism
Wonsup Jung Seoul National University A Property Owning Democracy or a Liberal (Democratic) Socialism?: Which One is More Compatible with Rawlsian Justice?
Boniface Kaboré Université d'Ottawa L'universel démocratique et ses adaptations socio-culturelles: considérations casuistiques French
Phillip Knee Laval University Eduquer au paraître: l'ordre politique chez Montaigne et Pascal French
Christine Koggel Bryn Mawr College Care and Justice: Re-Examined and Revised
Steven Lee Hobart and William Smith Colleges A Puzzle of Sovereignity
Paulo Roberto Monteiro De Araujo   Hegel and The Libertarians
Mílton Meira do Nascimento Universidade de São Le Legislateur et L'Ecrivain Politique Chez Rousseau FrenchS.gif (989 bytes)
Teresa Orozco   Platonische Paideia in Deutschland
um 1933
GermanS.gif (1010 bytes)
Rodney G. Peffer University of San Diego What is to be Distributed?
Marcelo Perine Pontifice Université Catholique Violence et exclusion une interprétation éthique FrenchS.gif (989 bytes)
Patrick Quinn All Hallows College Knowledge, Power and Control: Some Issues in Epistemology
Yvanka Raynova Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Vernunft und Terror: Zur Postmodernen Lektüre von Freud GermanS.gif (1010 bytes)
David A. Reidy Indiana University- Indianapolis Accommodating Pluralism: Liberal Neutrality and Compulsory Education
José María Rosales Universidad de Málaga Liberalism, Civic Reformism and Democracy
Abdollah Payrow Shabani University of Ottawa Habermas’ Between Facts and Norms: Legitimizing Power?
Cynthia Stark University of Utah Hypothetical Consent and Political Legitimacy
Herman van Erp Tilburg University Democracy and Political Obligation
Ronald L. Weed Saint Louis University Rousseau and Kant on Envy
Sheldon Wein Saint Mary's University A Humean Theory of Distributive Justice
for a New Century
S. Scott Zeman Vanderbilt University John Dewey's Critique of Socioeconomic Individualism
Hugo R. Zuleta University of Buenos Aires Sobre la imposibilidad de un liberal paretiano SpanishS.gif (1012 bytes)
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