Lex K. Laverriere

Production Specialist

Originally from southern Maine, Lex has been living and working in Boston since 2013 when they first came to Boston University — and the Tsai Center — as an undergraduate. After their four years as a student Production Assistant and a brief career as a freelance technician and videographer, Lex joined the Tsai staff full-time in 2017. As a Production Specialist, Lex serves as the primary technical manager for a wide range of events at Tsai, including dance and cultural shows, theatrical productions, and film screenings. They enjoy collaborating with other full-time technicians and students alike to support diverse programming for the University and greater Boston community. Alongside their duties at Tsai, Lex serves as the advisor for Boston University On Broadway, BU’s student-run musical theatre group. Lex has previously worked with nonprofit theatre and film organizations in both Boston and Los Angeles. With their interdisciplinary artistic and academic interests, Lex feels right at home at a multipurpose university venue.

Lex is an AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist, holds a bachelor’s degree in film & television from Boston University, and is currently pursuing an MFA in film & television studies. In their graduate work, they study global cinema history and theory. They are particularly interested in cinematic representations of transgender embodiment around the world. Lex’s research interrogates not only how these representations contribute to discourses of gender and sexuality but how they relate to historical and emerging formations of geopolitical identity.

Outside of work, Lex enjoys running along the Charles River, reading fiction, and discovering new music. They are also a proud cat parent.