Holding a lecture class in the Tsai Center is slightly different from other spaces on campus. Because Tsai is a fully-equipped theater with complex systems, we will have 1-2 trained Tsai student staff onsite for the duration of your class to help manage media, sound, and lights. It will be our technical staff that will assist you here, whereas it is the IS&T/LETS staff in other classrooms on campus.

Sample of Echo360 camera & computer feeds

Standard Setup

Instructors will need to bring their own laptop for presentations.

  • Film screen lowered for computer presentations
  • Podium set up to the side of the film screen (see above)
  • 1 wireless tabletop microphone at the podium for instructor (wireless lavalier mics available upon request)
  • Use of projector via HDMI connection. Please bring any necessary adapters for your particular laptop.
  • WiFi easily available
  • Echo360 Classroom Capture is available. Instructors should work with IS&T to set up recordings. Please notify Tsai staff if you are doing this so we can ensure the camera is properly focused during your lecture.

Making a request

Use the form below to communicate special requests for a day or the entire semester. If we do not have the equipment that you need, we will direct you to LETS, who can make further arrangements with you.

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