Terrier F1RSTS Advocates Training

More than 19 percent of BU undergraduates are first-generation students, and many of our graduate and professional students are trailblazers in their families as well. Our Terrier F1RSTS Advocate program trains faculty and staff to better connect with and support this important student population.

This hybrid training program involves an overview of the first-generation college landscape nationally and at Boston University.  You will learn who our first-gen students are, what they need, and how to support them at BU.  

This is a 3-part training program that combines asynchronous and synchronous learning. The first two asynchronous modules focus on first-generation undergraduate students and first-generation graduate and professional students.  These modules cover common challenges of first-gen students (such as the financial constraints they often face and their limited knowledge of the “unwritten rules” of college life), the many strengths these students bring to BU, and best practices for supporting them through their educational journey.  The third module is a synchronous panel with students, facilitated by the Newbury Center team. 

After completing the training program, you will be part of the TERRIER F1RSTS Advocates Network, which serves as a support resource for all first-generation students in the BU community. 

We offer training sessions on a regular basis. Our goal is for all BU faculty and staff to complete this program and become official Terrier F1RSTS Advocates.

Online Terrier F1RSTS Advocate Training Details

To start your journey to becoming a Terrier F1RSTS advocate, please access the Terrier eDevelopment platform (link below) and register for the modules and the panel with students.  **Please note that you MUST REGISTER for:  the Curriculum in addition to the 3 individual modules.**

Terrier F1RSTS Advocate Training on the Terrier eDevelopment Platform

How to register for Terrier F1RSTS Advocate Training Curriculum in Terrier eDevelopment

Upon completion of the three modules, you will receive an online form to complete so that we can add your name to our Newbury Center Terrier F1RSTS Advocates online directory, a key resource for first-generation students to seek guidance and advice.  You will also receive a Terrier F1RSTS Advocate placard for your office door and a button to wear proudly around campus!

Upcoming Module III Dates:

Tuesday, May 21st, 12-1pm
Thursday, June 6th, 10-11am
Wednesday, July 24th, 10-11am

Tuesday, Aug 13th, 12-1pm

Terrier F1RSTS Advocate Directory

We are happy to announce the launch of the Newbury Center’s Terrier F1RSTS Advocate Directory! Through the directory, Terrier F1RSTS are able to connect with Terrier F1RSTS Advocates, who can provide assistance and can act as a guide for their journey at BU. 
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