Lobby Setups

Lobby with tall ship image inlayed in marble floor in front of 3 sets of brass doors with word "Tsai Performance Center" etched over center doors.

The marble lobby in front of the Tsai Performance Center is the location for any receptions associated with our events. Catering on the Charles is the required service provider for all food & beverages at Tsai. Generally, receptions only happen here in conjugation with an event at the Tsai Center (i.e. you cannot reserve this space on its own.)

This lobby is the main entrance to the College of Arts & Sciences so the foot traffic is high. The space is open to all, so a “closed” reception here isn’t possible. Any setup in the lobby has be to mindful not to block elevator access, stairs, doors, and offices.

Tsai Marble Lobby, first floor of CAS, 685 Comm AveThe capacity is between 200-250 people, depending on the table setup needed. Below are examples, to scale, of typical reception setups. It’s important to remember fewer tables allow you to have more people. There is no kitchen or “backstage” space available for Catering. Their talented staff will help you plan a menu that is logistically possible here.

If you and your Catering contact would like an alternate version of any of these, please discuss it with your assigned Tsai contact person (or Kara Mullen if a Tsai staff person hasn’t been assigned to your event yet.)

Empty lobby (with table scale)

8 tables setup in L-shapes in the corners

4 single tables in corners plus 4 high tops tables

4 single tables in corners

4 tables setup in L-shapes plus 2 single tables in corners