Travel Card

The University Travel Card is corporate-liability Visa card, meaning that it is directly billed to and paid for by the University. The Travel Card is integrated with the University’s online travel and expense management system, streamlining the expense reporting process. It also eliminates the need for cash advances and reduces the financial burden on the traveler.

You may also review the Visa Guide to Benefits  for a full overview of the benefits associated with becoming a cardholder.

When using the Travel Card, the following apply:

  • The Travel Card must be used when incurring travel and business expenses (while on a trip) using University Funds. When not using University Funds (for example, federally sponsored research where University Funds are not involved ) employees are encouraged to use the card for all University travel and business expenses;
  • Full-Time faculty and staff (paid through the University’s payroll system) who anticipate traveling on behalf of the University are eligible to apply for the Travel Card with supervisor approval;
  • The Travel Card may only be used for appropriate and allocable expenses as defined in the University Travel & Business Expense Policy (in addition to any other school/departmental policies, if applicable);
  • The Cardholder must review card charges in the expense management system in a timely manner and notify US Bank and the Travel Card Administrator immediately should any fraudulent changes be detected. Once applicable credits and refunds have been issued the card holder should complete an expense report to clear fraudulent transactions.
  • Approvers and Financial Approvers have oversight over a cardholder’s access to and use of the Travel Card; this includes the application process, reviewing and approving card charges for policy compliance, and ensuring that charges are reconciled in a timely manner;
  • Any identified fraudulent charges must be reported to US Bank and the Travel Card Administrator immediately;
  • Personal charges are allowed on the Travel Card only to the extent they cannot be easily separated from a University expense; any personal charges incurred on the card must be itemized and marked as “personal” in the expense management system and will be reimbursed by the traveler to the University following the process described in Sections 8.0 and 9.0 of the Travel Card Policy.
  • Cardholder and/or Approver must notify the Travel Card Administrator in advance (or as soon as possible) whenever a cardholder is terminated or transferred to a different department.



  1. Read the Travel Card Policy
  2. Review the Training Material here and here
  3. Fill out the Application.
  4. Forward application/agreement to department head, then to unit fiscal manager for approvals.
  5. Email  the application/agreement to the Travel Card Program Administrator.
  6. Once the completed application materials are received, processing time is 2-3 weeks. Travel Cards will be sent to your Office Address as listed in the BUworks Central Portal per the University communicate sent out on October 5th, 2016. For information regarding how to check or change this information, please review this document: Address Update Instructions
  7. Follow card activation procedure (by calling toll-free number).


  1. Review the training material here and here