In an effort to modernize the current Travel process BU has purchased Concur Travel and Expense, a digital solution for trip bookings and expense report submission and reimbursement. This web based service will allow for easy online bookings for business travel, give travelers increased visibility of their expense reports throughout the review and payment process, and facilitate faster turnaround times for the reimbursement of out of pocket expenditures.

Please note that as of April 3, 2020 the forms for Reimbursement Status Request, Guest Account Access Request, and Guest Account Creation Request are no longer available on the Travel Services website.  These functions have been moved to the VPFA Customer Service Portal, and tickets can be created there.  Please note that for the Reimbursement Status Request, you will receive the most timely/efficient assistance if you can provide the 6-digit Report Key when submitting your ticket.  Instructions for finding the Key can be found here.