Itemized Receipt Reminder

in Travel information
April 1st, 2016

Once again Travel Services would like to remind the BU community of the importance of itemized receipts. Going forward, all reports containing purchases from local vendors that do not include itemized receipts will be sent back to the user and asked to be resubmitted along with the itemized receipt, severely slowing the processing time of these reports.

What is an Itemized Receipt?

An itemized receipt displays an individual breakdown of each item purchased and should always be requested regardless of the vendor or expense type.

Why are Itemized Receipts Important?

Itemized receipts greatly increase the University’s ability to protect itself from audit and drastically decrease the processing time required for reports containing them versus those that do not. Itemized receipts also simplify the process of itemizing expenses while creating the expense report, saving both the user or their expense delegate time and guesswork.

What about the Signature Receipt?

Best practice would be to include both the itemized receipt along with the receipt you sign and tip on. A great way to do this is to take a picture of the two receipts side by side using the Concur Mobile App as pictured below. You can also take a picture using your smart phone and forward the image to Concur’s Receipt store at Otherwise, the two receipts could be uploaded together into one file and attached to the expense.

itemized and signature


If you are not a current user of the Concur App for mobile and would like to be, please contact