New employees are generally provisioned with a secured computer or device, either by IS&T's Desktop Services team or your local computing support organization. Beyond that, the following guidelines will help ensure that you are computing safely at BU and beyond.

  • Make sure that you have endpoint protection software installed.
  • Remember that you should never leave your laptop or device unattended in a public area or unlocked office.
  • Remember to back up your important files using whatever is the recommended data back-up method for your department.
  • Remeber that no one at BU will ever ask you for your password. Beware of phishing scams that ask you to click on a link and provide personal or account-related information.
  • Don't open unexpected email attachments since they can infect your computer with a virus or spyware.
  • Be aware of the Data Management Guide, Data Protection Standards and Minimum Security Standards to ensure an understanding of how to handle Confidential or Restricted Use information properly.
  • Use SecureMail when you need to ensure that specific messages go out with the highest level of encryption.