The My Grant Expenses report is a consolidated presentation of the data currently available in three separate BUworks Business Warehouse reports. The report provides a straightforward display of data via an intuitive interface. It is important to note, though, that only the presentation of data has changed; no new data has been added to the report.

The report is available to any Principal or Co-Principal Investigator.

Once you have run the report, any grant for which you are listed as a PI or Co-I will be displayed. All financial activity associated with your grants through the present day will be included in the report.

Quick Reference Guide

This one-page document will help you get started using the My Grant Expenses report

User’s Guide

The User’s Guide is a comprehensive document that describes how to run and understand My Grant Expenses

Tips For Apple Product Users

Using a Macintosh computer or an iPad to access My Grant Expenses? This collection of tips will help you navigate.


Definition of terms used in My Grant Expenses

Field Mapping

Use this document to view the correspondence between the terms used in My Grant Expenses and the fields in the underlying Business Warehouse grants reports. The BW reports referenced are found in the Grants Management (Faculty) folder.

Tip: this map will be useful to departmental administrators tasked with helping PI’s understand the data displayed in the My Grant Expenses report.

Supported Browsers

Not all browsers and browser versions are supported by MicroStrategy, the reporting tool used to develop My Grant Expenses. The list of recommended browsers and corresponding versions is available here