What are the basic concepts a Business Warehouse (BW) report user should understand?

The videos and Help Guides listed below provide the answer to that question. These concepts are essential to understand for anyone who wants to make productive use of any BW report. Alternatively, anyone who has used BW reports in the past but who wants to review basic concepts will find the materials useful.

What are the prerequisites for attending an instructor-led BW training workshop?

The items on this page make up the list of prerequisites one must watch (in the case of videos) or read (in the case of Help Guides) prior to attending any intro-level instructor-led training BW reporting session (Funds Management, Grant Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and Payroll). It’s very important that anyone planning to attend one of these workshops go through all of these materials prior to the reporting workshop meeting time.


  • Viewing times are shown in parentheses following each video.
  • In a few cases, both a video and a document (in PDF form) are available to describe a topic. In those cases, choose the format with which you are most comfortable.
  • Internet Explorer does not work well in displaying these videos. Please use only Chrome or Firefox.
  • Videos are available in both the Terrier eDevelopment and Mymedia environments. Not all employees will have access to the Terrier eDev videos (temporary employees or students, for example). In that case, use the Mymedia video links.

Total video viewing time: 1:16 (1 hour 16 minutes)

Category/Topic Terrier eDev Mymedia PDF
Navigating the BUworks Environment
Introduction to the BUworks Portal Landscape (1:40) Watch Watch N/A
Intro to BW Reporting
The BW Reporting Environment (1:21) Watch Watch N/A
Report Folders and Folder Contents (1:47) Watch Watch N/A
What is a BW Report? (0:48) Watch Watch N/A
Data Basics and Data Access (1:14) Watch Watch N/A
How to Run a Report (3:46) Watch Watch N/A
Understanding a Report Layout (7:24) Watch Watch N/A
Understanding the Role of Mouse Buttons in Reporting (3:23) Watch Watch N/A
Basic BW Functions – Key Concepts
How to Add, Remove, or Move a Column of Data (8:06) Watch Watch N/A
How to Organize Report Data According to Column Position (3:12) Watch Watch N/A
How to Filter Report Data (10:20) Watch Watch PDF
How to Add or Remove a Subtotal or Grand Total (6:28) Watch Watch PDF
How to Export Report Data to Excel (5:50) Watch Watch N/A
How to Create and Use a Saved View (11:57) Watch Watch PDF
Online Help Search Function (1:43) Watch Watch N/A
How to Change the Display Attributes of a Report Data Field (change a Characteristic’s Key or Text appearance) (6:43) Watch Watch N/A