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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, IT Professionals

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Researchers are often required to conduct their research in secure environments. It is becoming more and more common for System Security Plans (SSP), Data Management Plans, and other documents to be required as part of a grant application. Information Security can help researchers identify options to more easily host secure research and can assist in the creation of required documentation.


IS&T provides a number of cost-effective options for secure computational and storage needs that can be helpful for researchers. For many of these solutions, Information Security has templates for much of the documentation required as part of the grant application, such as: Risk Assessment (RA), System Security Plan (SSP), Contingency Plan (CP), Security Assessment and Authorization (SAA), Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), etc. Many of the details required by these documents are already provided, relieving the research team from much of the documentation burden for portions of the solution that are using standard IS&T components

Key Features

System Security Plan consultation for research efforts requiring such documentation, typically research being conducted using human subjects data or on behalf of a federal entity (HIPAA, ITAR, EAR, etc.).

What to Expect

Consultations are arranged at a mutually agreeable time and generally involve multiple meetings with the project team and Information Security staff to understand requirements or questions, conduct appropriate research, and provide guidance or recommendations. Depending on the complexity of the question, the process may take a very short time or may extend over a period of weeks.



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