The BU Directory (also known as the Online Directory) is available at The BU Directory combines typical directory information about people from the University Registrar and Human Resources. You can search by first name, last name, or BU Email Address/login name.


  • The BU Directory provides controlled access to contact and other directory information about students, faculty, staff, and academic and administrative departments.
  • Optional information can be added by individuals, e.g. personal website.
  • Individuals can change their display names and pronouns, and edit the display of their email address on the online directory.

Getting Started

  • Go to the directory menu
  • Search the directory by typing in the corresponding boxes. Partial names are allowed by adding an asterisk (*). For example, “Jos*” will return both “Jose” and “Josephine” as possible results.
    • Note: If a display name was set, the person will only be searchable through their display name. Their legal name will no longer be searchable. Similarly, if someone hides their BU email it will also not be searchable.
  • Modify your entry using the Update My Personal Information page.
  • Learn about available privacy settings