What versions of Macintosh OS are supported by AD?

Mac OS 8.5 and above, including OS X, are supported in the Active Directory. All Macs require a new UAM from Microsoft that will support NTLMv2 authentication. Without the new UAM, you will be unable to connect to a Win2K SFM server. You can download the UAM from the Mactopia Web site.

Where do I get the patch required to support NTLMv2 on Services for Macintosh?

You must install a patch to run Services for Macintosh (SFM) on a Win2K member server of the AD. This patch will allow SFM to do NTLMv2 authentication. Without this patch installed, SFM will not function properly. The patch is located on the OU Admin Share.

Why doesn’t Outlook for the Macintosh work with Exchange?

Outlook for the Macintosh is not compatible with the AD domain because it uses only the older, less secure NTLM. We do not support authentication methods lower than NTLMv2. The options for connecting a Macintosh to Exchange 2000 are Entourage via IMAP or Outlook Web Access (OWA). OWA provides most of the functionality of the normal Outlook client, whereas Entourage allows access only to the mail portion of Exchange.