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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, IT Professionals

The Microsoft SQL Server service supports reliable, secure, centrally hosted and managed Microsoft SQL Server database environments for Boston University application and data repository needs.


Provide SQL database administration and support expertise through a centralized and scalable approach and in coordination with several other IS&T services and service components.  Costs and responsibilities associated with purchasing, administering, securing, monitoring, capacity management, upgrade/maintenance planning, and back-up of database repositories are addressed via this service component.  Central hosting and management can minimize the risks of data loss, security breaches, and loss of business continuity.  Expert database consultation services can help to optimize performance of data storage and retrieval (inquiry/reporting) and aid in the effective development, enhancement, and sustainment of data content and related applications.

Key Features

  • Centrally maintained and monitored systems
  • Access to DBA expertise
  • On-premises and cloud-hosted environments are supported
  • Defined and reliable default service level provided with specific or higher levels of support to be documented (with specific SLAs) as needed

What to Expect

Support Levels; three levels of support are offered for SQL, as described below.

Bronze level

This is our “default” level of service and is sufficient for the majority of the environments and applications we support.  Service support beyond this level requires an explicit service level agreement with stated justifications and commitments.  The “Bronze Level” covers all critical Database Administration services such as: environment coordination and all database/instance creation, configuration, upgrade, and patching.  Additional services can be requested (via ServiceNow service request to “Database Administration” assignment group) for such things as user configuration, space and capacity management, and advisement on such things as performance and development in coordination with other services and/or teams.

  • Database support, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, there is no commitment to support outside of business hours (although this may be provided)
  • Assess initial requirements
  • Manage Security access
  • Backup support, daily backups;
    • RPO (Recovery Point Objective) – 24 hours
    • RTO (Recovery Time Objective) – Next business day

Silver level

Includes Bronze level features plus:

  • Database support, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, response within 1 business day
  • Assess ongoing storage requirements
  • Consult on database design
  • Performance tuning
  • Monitor and alert notification
  • Offer assistance with compliance and regulatory reviews
  • Provide client reports when requested
  • Backup support, daily backups;
    • RPO (Recovery Point Objective) – 24 hours
    • RTO (Recovery Time Objective) – Same business day

Gold level

Includes Bronze and Silver level features plus;

  • Database support, 24×7, immediate response, continuous support during P1
  • Recommend and implement proactive tuning activities
  • Backup support, daily backups;
    • RPO (Recovery Point Objective) – 3 hours
    • RTO (Recovery Time Objective) – 6 hours


There is no explicit cost for the SQL service or the associated support, monitoring, back-up, or consulting functions provided.  There may be incremental costs associated with pursuing some cloud-hosted database solutions or if existing on-site data center server or hardware capacity is deemed as insufficient for the request.

Getting Started

Please complete our database service request form and we will follow up to consult with you on your database