The Academic Data Warehouse (ADW) is a business intelligence application which enables analysis of undergraduate, graduate, and professional student lifecycle processes, data, and trends. The goal of ADW is to provide insights that will assist Boston University administration in strategy development and decision making.

The Academic Data Warehouse contains undergraduate and graduate admissions data, registration and enrollment data, and faculty teaching data. The ADW team under the guidance of the Provost’s Office, Enrollment & Student Administration, Budget & Business Affairs,  and IS&T will continue to add data and capabilities related to the student lifecycle.

ADW News

New Certified Enrollment Report- My BU Student Enrollment Tracking (6/2/24)

We have a new ADW report to track student and course enrollments for the summer 1, summer 2, and fall 2024 semesters. The report is sourced directly from My BU Student and is refreshed daily. It is limited to each student's primary academic area. It is located directly within the Student Enrollment main folder. Thanks to all who submitted this form.

ADW Enrollment Release Update (5/14/24)

The D3 Mainframe and MyBU Student outages will impact availability of ADW data and reports. Additionally, ADW enrollment reporting for Academic Year 2024-2025 will not be available immediately after the My BU Student final deployment in late May. Visit the ADW FAQ and Updates page for details. If you expect to need current term information prior to the AY 25 enrollment reporting release, please let us know by completing this form.

New Tutorial for Graduate Admissions (3/28/24)

A new tutorial for the new graduate admissions certified reports is now up on Terrier eDev. This is following the tutorial for undergraduate admissions posted last fall. The tutorial provides a walk through of each resource as well as contextual information.

Access and Training Sessions

Academic Data Warehouse access is granted based on business need in each data area. For information about gaining access to the ADW, including links to required confidentiality forms, see the ADW Access page.

Attending a training session is also required for access to the ADW. Sign up for a training here. Users can take additional training sessions to hone or refresh their skills, especially as new data areas are added to the warehouse.

Certified Report Catalog

Definitions of report attributes and metrics used in all releases and reports for the Academic Data Warehouse project: ADW Certified Report Catalog. Last updated 6/2/24.

Tutorials & Help Guides

A variety of Help Guides describing individual reports in the Admissions, Registration & Enrollment, and Faculty data areas are available, in addition to step by step instructions for using the MicroStrategy reporting tool. There's also an interactive tutorial available for undergraduate admissions specifically.

User Group

Given our remote working situation post COVID-19, it is challenging to hold ADW user group in the past format. We offer individualized remote sessions upon request. Please email if you would like to receive an individual or department session, including the questions you have or reports of interest.

The User Group page provides access to presentations and recordings of selected prior meetings.


If you have questions, please send email to or Help us direct your question to the right person to answer it by including "ADW" in the subject line.