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Before using headline thumbnails, they must be enabled on your site by the IS&T WordPress administrators.


You can add an image to a news post as its headline thumbnail. You can then display that thumbnail where you have news feeds using the news shortcode. You can also use it next to your headlines on the custom news page template.

Headline thumbnails used on a news feed look like this:


Headline thumbnails on the custom news page look like this:


Headline thumbnails can be used in several ways. They add an interesting visual element to your page to draw the reader into the story. They also break up long sections of text in news listings. If your news posts don’t often have photos, you can use headline thumbnails to create a unique graphic for each of your news categories.

The thumbnails are easy to use by specifying the thumbnail image in a special settings box below the page content editor in WordPress. (Note that the headline thumbnail function is not related to the thumbnail size option in the Media Library.)

Adding a Headline Thumbnail to Your News Post

  1. Open your news post in the WordPress editor.
  2. Scroll down past the content editing section until you find the box for Headline Thumbnail. Click the Add Image button.thumb1
  3. Locate the image in your Media Library. If your image has not been added to your Media Library yet, upload it now.
  4. When you have located the image in your Media Library, open the image properties box by clicking the Show link. (Note: if your image was not previously uploaded, you will be taken directly to the image properties box after uploading.)
  5. With image properties box open, click the Add Thumbnail button.
  6. WordPress returns you to your page editor, and your thumbnail image is displayed in the associated box.
  7. Type a brief description of the image for the Alternate Text, and save your page.

Remove a Headline Thumbnail

To remove a headline thumbnail, open the news post in the WordPress editor, scroll down to the Headline Thumbnail box and click the Remove Image button (see the screenshot in step #6, above).