Create the pages for your site

Most web pages are formatted with HTML, a simple markup and formatting code that is easy to learn. HTML editors can help you create web pages. To learn HTML, you can view our HTML Introduction and Intermediate guides.

Put your files on the server

Once you configure Dreamweaver or your standalone SFTP software and put your new files on, you can view your pages using a web browser. You can also use Dreamweaver or your SFTP software for all your site maintenance, such as deleting files you no longer want to publish, or moving, renaming, downloading, or overwriting existing files.

Review and preview your web pages

People across campus and around the world will see the pages you put on the Web. Review your web pages and preview them with popular browsers on as many platforms as you can.

Set file permissions

When you SFTP your files to, the server automatically sets the file permissions to permit viewing to all web visitors.