The Basics

  1. Can I restrict access to my pages?
  2. How much space do I get?
  3. How do I determine how much disk space I've used in my site?
  4. Can I apply for more space?
  5. How do I remove files from my directory?
  6. Is my site backed up?
  7. My status changed recently from student to staff. What do I do to get my name listed in the staff index?
  8. How long does my site remain active?
  9. Can you migrate my site from to


  1. Can I use a hit counter for my site?
  2. Can I create a search page or search box for my site on
  3. Does the server support redirects?
  4. Where can I learn HTML?
  5. Can I install my own CGIs on
  6. Do you have PHP installed on the server?
  7. My student group would like to use PHP scripting on our website. Can we do this on or


  1. When I try to connect to using Dreamweaver MX 2004, I receive the error message "Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time."
  2. I uploaded my files to the server, but they are not showing up on the Web. What's wrong?
  3. Why are links in my pages pointing to example pages in a different directory?
  4. Why is there a disclaimer link at the bottom of all my pages?
  5. Why am I getting two disclaimers on my page?
  6. If the administrator for a group page on is no longer available and they did not pass on the password, can I have the administrator access to this web site changed without wiping out the site?
  7. I've graduated from BU, but my web page on the server is still active. How do I get it removed?