Once your use of BU Google Mail is set up and underway, you might still have questions as you use the service. We hope the following FAQs will be helpful.

Can I use hotkeys?

Yes! The following hotkeys will work as shortcuts within the web mail client. Note that all hotkeys should be done as a lower-case letter (without pressing CTRL or ALT).

  • j or k – Moves you up and down within the message list.
  • c – Compose a new message.
  • r – Reply to the current message.
  • s – Star the current message.
  • # – Delete the message you are reading.
  • ? – View a list of hotkeys and enable/disable hotkeys.

Where can I learn more about using BU Google Mail and the other Apps?

The Google Apps Learning Center is a valuable resource, especially the Learn by app section. Information for students is also presented in the Google Student Blog. Any information that is BU-specific (such as the set-up of an account or configuration of a mail client) is provided here in the BU Google Apps section of TechWeb. However, for any information that is common to use of all Google Apps (such as how to use Mail, Drive, and Sites) you should refer to the Google-provided resources.

Can I buy additional storage space from Google?

You can purchase an additional 20 GB for use of BU Google Drive, but not for BU Google Mail. The fee paid to Google would be $5 per year as described at  http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1047457.

Are there policies that govern the use of BU Google Apps and protected data?

Yes. BU Google Apps can never be used to send protected health information or transmit controlled information outside the University. Please review the BU Google Apps Acceptable Use and Data Security policy and all other Policies.

How can I…

These features and more are provided through Google’s Mail Settings, available in the upper right corner of your window when you are logged into BU Google Mail. For assistance with email tools, you can refer to the Help interface at http://mail.google.com/support.

Can I access mail on my mobile device?

Yes. See www-staging.bu.edu/tech/comm/email/google-mail/clients/

Is there a limit to how many simultaneous connections I can have open?

Yes. Google sets a limit of 10 simultaneous IMAP sessions per account. You’ll want to keep this limit in mind, as you could reach it if you have multiple devices and email clients that are automatically checking your mail at certain intervals. Depending on the mail client, you might see a “Too many simultaneous connections” message. Usually, though, you won’t get any message and will simply be unable to connect. To resolve the problem, you should reduce the number of devices that check your mail automatically and/or reduce the frequency with which they check (e.g. every 15 minutes instead of every 5).

Should I be able to access this service from anywhere in the world?

Yes. However, travelers do occasionally report problems accessing Google resources from certain countries. Learn more and see our suggested workarounds at www-staging.bu.edu/tech/comm/email/google/abroad/.

Is there any way to get the BU directory to display so that addresses will auto-fill?

Unfortunately, BU directory information is not available within BU Google Apps. However, once you send mail to someone else, that name and email address will become part of your Google contacts list and will then auto-fill as needed. In addition, you can import an existing contacts/address list as described at www-staging.bu.edu/tech/comm/email/google/contacts/.

Is there any way to import my contacts/address list?

Yes. You can import an existing contacts/address list as described at www-staging.bu.edu/tech/comm/email/google/contacts/.

How can I work with both my BU Google Mail account and other Gmail account(s)?

These two accounts are completely separate. In fact, it can be best to use separate browsers, or use Google Chrome, when trying to work simultaneously with both BU Google Apps and commercial Gmail. Alternatively, you could enable multiple accounts at described at support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1721977

Also, you are free to forward from BU Google Apps to Gmail, or from Gmail to BU Google Apps, or to keep them as entirely separate accounts.

Since both are IMAP compliant, another way to work with them simultaneously is through a desktop client that is configured to access both.

Where can I get help with Mail or some of the other Google Apps?

You can submit a Help request or contact the IT Help Center at 617-353-HELP (4357). Particularly with issues related to your account, email setup, and transitioning from ACS, the IT Help Center will be of assistance. Once your access to BU Google Apps and BU Google Mail is working, information that relates to the use of specific Google Apps products is available through the Google Help Centers at http://www.google.com/support/?hl=en and the Google Apps Learning Center.

Are there tools for Microsoft Office users who also use BU Google Apps?

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office and Google Apps Sync for Outlook (both Windows only) are examples of tools provided by Google that should be helpful in allowing you to benefit from the use of both Microsoft and Google products. Information that relates to the use of specific Google Apps products is available through the Google Help Centers at support.google.com and the Google Apps Learning Center.