IS&T offers site-licensed X Window system software to let you use your own PC or Mac to run X-based applications residing on a remote UNIX system. For example, with this software you can sit at home with your own computer and run a SAS package or a Mathematica program that is installed on the Shared Computing Cluster.

There are some X-based applications (for example, SAS statistical software) installed on UNIX systems that you might want to run on your own Mac or PC. X Window System software allows you to do this with a full graphical connection, without purchasing or installing that application on your own computer.


  • We support X-Win32 for Microsoft Windows and X11 for Mac OS X .
  • We offer a download link and instructions on using site-licensed X-Win32 software for Microsoft Windows.
  • We provide instructions on using X11 for Mac OS X.


  • Access to a computer running Microsoft Windows or MacOS
  • A connection to the Internet
  • Ability to install the X Window System software if it is not already installed
  • An account on the remote system where the software application resides, such as a the Linux Virtual Lab or the SCC account (for Researchers).

Getting Started